What We Do

Distributors hire us to transport their wine & spirits to over 4,000 locations across New York State.

What makes us different? Three things to know about DNT Express:

We only transport wine & spirits. We are the best in wine & spirits transport. In our early days, we handled diverse freight. But over the years, we became known for our expertise in wine & spirit transport. Today we focus on transporting wine & spirits from our distribution centers in New York.

We deliver like clockwork. The entire company measures success by one thing – on time deliveries. We know we are only as good as our last on-time delivery. And we prove ourselves every day when our friendly, uniformed staff walk into your clients door and deliver your wine & spirits just as expected.

We are ultra-price competitive. Our exclusive focus on wine & spirit transport, well-trained professional staff, and tight controls makes us your least expensive option for getting your wine & spirits to your customers.

DNT Express is the wine & spirits transport professional.  Let us help you grow your business by taking care of your distribution needs while you take care of your customers.

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